Tropical Agriculture Reference Book from C.H.I.P.S.

Working Animals in Agriculture and Transport
edited by R.A. Pearson

Working Animals in Agriculture and Transport covers recent research on the management and use of working animals in tropical agricultural systems, such as:

  • oxen, donkeys and camels in sub-Saharan Africa
  • cows and donkeys in Ethiopia
  • buffaloes in Vietnam
  • camels in Libya and horses and donkeys in Southern Italy
  • Technical issues in nutritional requirment, feeding, management, health, implement, work practices and harnessing are discussed and the contribution that working animals continue to make in many agricultural and transport activities are quantified.

    Working Animals in Agriculture and Transport is a valuable source of reference materials on draught animal technology.


    Research and development potential in Africa

    • Animal power in the West and Central Francophone zone of Africa in a renewed context: the issues for development and research achievements
    • The role of work animals in semi-arid West Africa: current use and their potential for future contributions
    • Aspects of work animal use in semi-arid farming systems
    • Adoption of dairy-draught technology in a mixed crop/livestock farming system A case study from Ethiopia

    Work animals: feeding, management and harnessing issues

    • Nutritional requirements, feed intake and digestion in working donkeys: a comparison with other work animals
    • Estimation of energy expenditures in horses and donkeys at rest and when carrying a load
    • Adjusting the feed supply of draught donkeys to the intensity of their work
    • A method for estimating body condition score (BCS) in donkeys
    • A review of feeding strategies, feeds and management of equines in Central-Southern Italy
    • Management strategies for trypanotolerant draught animals in West Africa
    • Management, health and reproduction of donkeys used for work in peri-urban areas of West and East Shewa, Ethiopia: a survey
    • Integrated harness and implement design a key factor in developing improved equipment for animal draught tillage operations

    Working buffalo in South East Asia: performance and feeding

    • A study of performance, physiological parameters and economic efficiency of working buffaloes in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam
    • Effect of supplements on performance, physiological values, rumen parameters and intake of draught buffaloes
    • Working camels in Africa: multipurpose animals
    • The one-humped camel as a producer of rural and urban energy
    • Camel traction in Niger: Between tradition and modern use


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    Working Animals in Agriculture and Transport
    edited by R.A. Pearson
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