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Wrasse Biology and Use in Aquaculture
Edited by M.D.J. Sayer

Wrasse Biology and Use in Aquaculture draws together the latest information on the biology and culture of wrasse in controlling sea lice.


Wrasse Biology

  1. North European Wrasse: Identification, Distribution and Habitat
  2. Seasonal, Sexual and Geographical Variation in the Biology of Goldsinny, Corkwing and Rock Cook on the West Coast of Scotland
  3. Observations of Wrasse on an Artificial Reef
  4. Field Observations of the Cleaning of Ballan Wrasse and torment Feeding
  5. The Territorial Range of Goldsinny Wrasse on a Small Natural Reef
  6. Distribution and Abundance of Wrasse in Inshore Waters of West Scotland
  7. The Biology of Inshore Goldsinny Populations: Can They Sustain Commercial Exploitation?
  8. The Effect of Intensive Fishing of Wild Wrasse Populations in Lettercallow Bay, Connemara, Ireland: Implications for the Future Management of the Fishery
  9. Survival, Osmoregulation and Oxygen Consumption of Wrasse at Low Salinity and/or Low Temperature
  10. Preliminary Breeding Trials of Wrasse in an Intensive System
  11. Preliminary Trials on the Culture of Goldsinny and Corkwing Wrasse

Aquaculture Applications

  1. Development and Future of Cleaner-Fish Technology and Other Biological Control Techniques in Fish Farming
  2. Wrasse as Cleaner-Fish of Sea Lice on Farmed Atlantic Salmon in West Scotland
  3. Large-Scale use of Wrasse to Control Sea Lice and Net Fouling in Salmon Farms in Norway
  4. Wrasse as Cleaner-Fish: the Shetland Experience
  5. Parasites and Diseases of Wrasse Being Used as Cleaner-Fish on Salmon Farms in Ireland and Scotland
  6. Health Status of Goldsinny Wrasse, Including a Detailed Examination of the Parasite Community of Flødevigen, Southern Norway
  7. The Potential for Viral Problems Related to the use of Wrasse in the Farming of Altantic Salmon
  8. Virulence of serotypes and Atypical to Goldsinny Wrasse
  9. Determination of Satiation and Maintenance Rations of Goldsinny Wrasse fed on Mussel Meat
  10. Successful Survival of Wrasse through Winter in Surbmersible Netcages in a Fjord in Western Norway
  11. Wrasse Biology and Aquaculture Applications: Commentary and Conclusions


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Wrasse Biology and Use in Aquaculture
Edited by M.D.J. Sayer
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